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24 Hour Plumber Dublin – At AG Heating & Plumbing we get emergency plumbing calls all the time.  And throughout our countless years in business the type of call outs have more or less been very similar.  So, we though it might be a good idea to document the type of 24 Hour plumber call outs we get throughout Dublin.

When you are looking for a 24 Hour Plumber in Dublin, you probably have an issue which can, if left untouched lead to damage to your home or your property.  And even could lead to avoidable major renovations if left unaddressed. So, what types of emergency plumbing might crop up…

24 Hour Plumbing Dublin – Broken Water Pipes

If you have a leak anywhere throughout your house, switch off the mains, and call AG Heating & Plumbing immediately.  Usually its not a big job, locating the leak can in most cases be easy enough but getting access sometimes can be troublesome.  Which can eat into the time spent on the job.

The cause of broken or bust pipes can be as simple as the age of the piping or the weather in the winter can really effect piping which is out doors.

Make sure all outdoor piping is insulated.

Broken Toilet and a Leaking Toilet

This can a serious issue if your toilet is leaking and especially upstairs.  Yes, it will certainly damage your ceiling and if you have a wooden floor upstairs, then you may have to replace your flooring.  So, you must act fast if this happens.

A not so serious issue is the toilet sewage which is backing up the toilet.  You will notice when it flushes but it doesn’t go anywhere! Your externally piping is most likely blocked and will need to be cleared.

Water not heating

OK, this can be an emergency in the winter and if you don’t have an electric shower.  You could have issues with your element, either broken or covered in scaling.

How fast can AG Heating & Plumbing get to your emergency plumping issue?

Usually within a two hour period we can be anywhere throughout Dublin.  We do change a call out fee of 70 euro, so please be aware of this.  And the final fee usually relates to the time spent on the job and also the parts involved.  We carry common spare parts in our fleet of vans and in our stores we have countless variations of spare parts for any type of plumbing job.

24 Hour Plumber Dublin – Contact AG Heating & Plumbing Today

Contact our team today, complete our ‘Get a Quotation Form’, call the team on 01-908 1194 / 085-281 9755 or email: if you have any emergency plumbing issues throughout Dublin.

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24 Hour Plumber Dublin
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