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The Summer has arrived and wouldn’t it be nice to have an outside water tap….

You’ve just been over to the neighbours, at a distance of course  in this Covid era.  Nothing to joke about of course.  But I know your thinking; ‘that outdoor water tap Misses ABC has would be seriously handy’, why didn’t I think of that….dame  – how do I get one installed in my house, who do I ask?  A plumber? Probably…Right, but first a little bit of research while I watch Eastenders, Neighbours, the Late Late Show, Coronation Street, X Factor or Graham Norton, who cares!!  Thank the search engines!!!

Ye, we’ve all been there…you don’t think about it until you actually see it in practice and then, I want one!!

Here are a few of outdoor taps photos which might refresh your mind, in different guises…

So what involved in Fitting an Outside Water Tap?

Lets look at the kit you’ll need:

garden tap installationOK, its not overly complication, and we’ve not here to disguise that fact.  But there is one constant, ask your husband or the handy neighbour and you are looking for Plumbing trouble!! We’ve been there and rescued a few situation!

Well, if you decide to go it along, here’s what you’ll need to install an outdoor water tap:

As the image suggests, you’ll need a garden hose, ideally tucked up nicely against your wall, and wrapped.  Yes, we can install this handy wall stand aswell.

You can buy these kind of water hoses wrap around tools from the likes of Woodies, B&Q, etc.  But someone will be tasked to securely attach your wraparound hose to your home, yes, we can do this as a part of the installation.

Routing your Tap off the Water Mains

Now, this is the really tricky bit!  Well, not for AG Heating & Plumbing of course!

Step One: Placing the Outside Tap, where should it go?  Well, the best place is right in line with your kitchen sink, under your link, because you already have a cold water feed.

Now, you punch a hole through your wall, we take out the drill and create a small hole, the width of a half inch pipe.  Three small plug holes are created with the drill, which will secure the tap and the fitting to the wall.  Plugs are in.

Add some silicon around the pipe.  A bit like:

Insert your three screws, screw on your tap, make sure you use some Locktight around the tread to really secure the tap.  Now the outside is done, make sure you close it off.  The indoors part of the job is to follow…

Fitting your outdoor tap – indoors section

Your new pipe should be sticking out and usually you will have to elbow your piping downwards, elbow down and T into the water supply.

You can see this great video here on YouTube – How to Fit an Outside Tap.

You could teach yourself how to fit an outside water tap or you can just call the experts…parts supplied and fitted from 79 euro…call or complete our online form to get a full proposal…also, your outside tap does not have to be outside your kitchen window, we can place it almost anywhere if required.  Just call the experts.

Contact our team today, complete our ‘Get a Quotation Form’, call the team on 01-908 1194 / 085-281 9755 or email: and we will provide an instant quotation and be on site at your home or office within the hour.

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