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Hot Water Cylinder Replacement Cost Ireland

Whether your household calls it a boiler, the immersion, the hot water tank or by its proper name of the hot water cylinder, at some stage you are going to have to look for a replacement.

Modern copper and stainless-steel hot water cylinders have a life expectancy of between 20 and 40 years and their factory insulated coating provides for much better hot water quality and retention. Hot water cylinder replacement cost Ireland can vary and depends on several factors including your location, the type of cylinder you want and need along with manpower and other services.

At AG Heating and Plumbing we aim to provide you with a professional service at the most affordable prices. Our team of experienced heating technicians are available 24/7 and can come to your aid when your hot water cylinder breaks down. We know how important it is to have comfort and reliability in your heating systems and we will work to provide you with the fastest fix possible.

Why you need to replace your hot water cylinder:

After a certain point there is a need to replace your hot water cylinder especially in older houses. Hot water cylinders are a vital part of any home heating system and they provide comfort and warmth to every house. However, older models are just not up to par with more modern hot water cylinders and you are losing money through a loss of energy and a lack of insulation that more modern hot water cylinders provide.

When its time to replace your hot water cylinder:

  1. Your water is hot in the morning, but by evening it’s gone
  2. You water takes a long time to reheat after it has initially been used.

If your hot water system takes hours to heat up or you find that it loses its temperature rapidly then it’s time to replace your hot water cylinder.

Types of hot water cylinders:

You may be asking yourself what a hot water cylinder replacement cost in Ireland and as already mentioned this depends on your service provider and on the size and type of hot water cylinder you want for your home. Hot water cylinders are an integral part of your heating system and unfortunately one size does not fit all. Here is a brief overview of hot water cylinders, their differences, and functions

Copper cylinders:

These are perfect for homes and offer great efficiency in regard to water heating and heat retention.

Stainless steel:

Stainless steel cylinders cost less to install initially but they are known to be less efficient than copper.

Vented Cylinders:

These are your most common replacement hot water cylinders as they are fitted into homes with pre-existing cold-water storage tanks. Water is fed to the hot water cylinder through a gravity system.

Unvented Cylinders:

You will find unvented cylinders are popular in Dublin as they don’t require pre-existing cold-water storage and a great for locations tight on space. They also provide hot water at mains pressure, making your shower that more powerful.

At AG heating and plumbing we will discuss with you the best option for your home or business. Of course, cylinder size comes into this and you can chat with one of our trusted and experienced team members on what is best for you.

Why not repair your Hot Water Cylinder?

You may be asking yourself why you shouldn’t just repair your old cylinder and the fact of the matter is, most business will not do this anymore and if they do it is only a short-term fix. Replacement parts are not available, and any reputable plumber will explain to you how over time you are losing far more money than an initial investment on a new hot water cylinder will cost.

A new cylinder will will save you money on your energy bills and any damage that an older cylinder may cause. You will also benefit from faster and longer heating in your home.

Why choose AG heating and Plumbing?

AG heating and Plumbing have been in business for years, we have dealt with every type of heating and plumbing issue you can think of and we always give our customers the quality that they deserve.

We are a Dublin based business but always happy to travel within a reasonable distance to reach our customers. We also provide inspection and installation and repair services meaning our team is involved from start to finish on all your business and household needs.

Drop us an email or call today and we can get started on your hot water cylinder needs.

Contact our team today, complete our ‘Get a Quotation Form’, call the team on 01-908 1194 / 085-281 9755 or email:

hot water cylinder replacement cost Ireland

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