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Your annual Oil Boiler Service in Dublin – When, Cost and What is involved

Firstly, and most important, your annual oil boiler service should be undertaken by a qualified OFTEC qualified and registered engineer.  And it’s probably best to schedule your oil boiler service come the end of the Summer.  You might not use your boiler throughout the Summer months, so it’s best to service your boiler a month before you plan on using it heavy.  What are the costs associated with an oil boiler service…

But first, a stark reminder about why an annual boiler is required, a 1 mm build up within your boiler can reduce its efficiency and heat transfer by up to 10% and 3 mm even up to 50%.  So, best to get it services, the cost of a service far outweighs the savings you will make in fuel.

The Cost of an Oil Boiler Service

A service at AG Heating & Plumbing throughout Dublin is from 99 euro and the job usually takes an hour to an hour and a half.

What is involved in an Oil Boiler Service from AG Heating & Plumbing

The service briefly speaking will consist of:

  1. Inspect & clean fuel filter
  2. Inspect & test operation of fuel shut off valve
  3. Inspect & test operation of remote acting fire valve where fitted
  4. Inspect air inlets to boiler room for blockages and correct sizing
  5. Inspect draught stabilizer where applicable
  6. Inspect & clean flame chamber
  7. Inspect burner refractory
  8. Inspect & clean baffles
  9. Inspect & clean burner diffuser & burner blast tube
  10. Inspect ignition transformer, HT cable & porcelain for deterioration
  11. Inspect & clean photocell
  12. Inspect, clean & adjust burner electrodes
  13. Calculate correct output of boiler & fit new burner nozzle to suit installation
  14. Adjust burner pump pressure & air ratio
  15. Inspect & test operation of boiler thermostat & boiler high limit thermostat
  16. Inspect & test operation of flame failure device

Full Explanation of Results

And also we will examine your tank for particulars such as:

The oil tank would also be checked on every Oil Boiler Service. To check for leaks and marks on it for a week spot (a white line).  It would also include:

  1. Check oil pipework and filter for leaks
  2. Check oil line fuel filter as well oil pump fuel filter, some oil line filters have paper elements which cannot be cleaned and have to be replaced
  3. Check oil tank for correct installation and location
  4. Check boiler for correct installation particularly flue termination
  5. Check wiring and electrical connections are correct and safe, including proper means of isolation
  6. Check condition of flue and flue connections
  7. Check condensate is piped to a suitable drain or soak away
  8. Check boiler pipework and fittings for water leaks.


The Types of Oil Boilers we have serviced throughout the years at AG Heating & Plumbing…

We have services almost all Oil Boiler Brands from Alpha to Worcester, see our Gallery of Manufacturers below:

Oil Boiler Service Dublin

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